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Customer Reviews for Taylor Tomlinson

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Great performance!

Mia from Greenville, South Carolina
31st March 2023

Tomlinson and her opening act Nickelson were both funny and relatable. They interacted with the crowd and it was a great act all in all. Drinks before hand obviously elevated the performance. Made for a fun girls night out!

Why so short?

Anonymous from Detroit, Michigan
16th October 2023

It was disappointing that Taylor spent about 60 minutes on stage and that’s all. I saw on a Reddit post she replied to that her act was anywhere from 60 min to 90 min long depending on location and I don’t quite understand why Detroit got less material than other cities.

couldnt hear

Anonymous from Denver, Colorado
26th September 2023

We were on the first floor in the back all the way over to the left, the first guy mumbled when he talked, they both finished the joke while the audience was laughing AND CLAPPING, never hardly heard the punchline. WHAT A DISSAPOINTMENT BUELL THEATER FOR $100.00 BUCKS!!!!!

One Topic Show - Story over Comedy

Maxwell Shenk from San Diego, California
7th May 2023

I bought these tickets as a Christmas present for my girlfriend and have been looking forward to the show since. Splurged for orchestra and to be honest this made us think we'll stick to the La Jolla Comedy store from now on. It was basically an hour of her talking about her anxiety and she never really told any jokes. Never truly changed topics either which was strange. Hard to believe stories about people she's met and her life but not broaching anything related to any current events. You'd assume she thought the audience was a 1000 single girls with anxiety having trouble staying in relationships. I'd say this was only my opinion but there was rarely laughter in the whole place and everyone around us only chuckled a few times. The theatre is beautiful though and seating was roomy and comfortable. That said if you're close to the stage the volume is wicked loud. All in all we left disappointed in the evening and will stick to smaller venues.

Simply awful, not funny, uncomfortable for Christians

JT from South Carolina
20th April 2024

As a Christian I don’t judge others and know to go with the flow in many cases, especially comedy shows. However, the opening act was better than she was and much more enjoyable. She was awkward with little laughter throughout the venue. Her attack on Christianity, God, and Bible stories was to much as she tried to get the crowd involved in her scrutiny of all things Christian. We left in the middle and chalked it up to a very poor experience at the Encore. I guess it goes right along with their poor show Awakening. You’ve been warned, wish we were…

Left after 30 minutes

Mary Markle from Las Vegas, Nevada
8th June 2024

Not funny at all. Enjoyed her previous shows on Netflix but she comes off very angry and had a very fake laugh for her jokes. Walked out after 30 minutes and wish I could have gotten my money and time back.